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March is a month when you may find yourself reflecting on your life and future. There is a New Moon in the area associated with life’s mysteries. You are usually an action-packed person but now it’s important to find time for reflection because you are on the edge of a new phase in your life. Any new phase begins with a plan and a vision and you are in the midst of creating that now. Give yourself time and space because your ruler, Mars is still retrograde until mid-April, so you are still in this planning, revision time. Also, this is compounded by Mercury Retrograde from March 12 so definitely a stop-go type of period for you.


This is a month to listen to and trust in your dreams. At times you may doubt because at heart you are a pragmatist and want everything set in stone. However, a situation that you’re in seems to be drawing you into an unknown place and I advise you to go with it, especially if it seems to be what you have always been seeking. It’s important to also know which friends you can trust and seek their advice when you have doubts, as you probably will this month. It seems to be one step forward and one step back but if you keep your goals and aspirations as noble as possible, you will definitely feel you’re moving in the right direction.


Your focus in March is on career and your public image or reputation and you can certainly now have your time in the spotlight. However, think deeply about whether this is what you really want. As a Gemini you are sometimes accused of being fickle or skating on the surface of life. It is not that you are fickle but you are fast; you move quickly and think on your feet. You do well in careers that require that clever, adaptable mind. However, right now you may be seeking something more substantial; more aligned with a deeper side of who you are. There is an extraordinary New Moon in the area of career but it is not quite clear yet what you want. As with all the signs, the planetary mood is building up to full steam ahead in late May.


There is an important New Moon in Pisces in the area of long distant journeys. This can sometimes indicate literal travel across the oceans to far and distant lands, but it can also indicate the beginning of a journey – which can be higher learning or a spiritual quest of some kind. However, this does make you feel like an explorer about to find uncharted lands so is a potentially exciting time. As a Cancer you can be cautious but now is the time to be bold and brave like the pioneers of old because you are entering an important phase of your life and can now discover talents and parts of yourself that you weren’t even aware existed. Have faith at this time.


As a Leo, you like to be in control. You’re a leader and you need the world to know that. With an important New Moon in Pisces, you are being called to make some type of surrender. This may mean you have to go along with a financial situation or intimate relationship rather than trying to “run the show”.  You may need to make some adjustments in your way of thinking and expressing yourself at this time or you could feel powerless. However, it is all good and time for you to have faith. The planets are calling for change at a deep level and there is a part of you that needs to realize that actually it is your Higher Self that is in control. There is a plan for you that is even bigger than your own dreams and go along with the flow for once instead of trying to control it. Also, you probably feel that things are moving slower than you would like. Mars is in retrograde until mid-April and on March 12, Mercury also goes retrograde.


Relationships are key for you right now with an important New Moon in your opposite sign of Pisces, requiring you to think more of others than yourself. Also, Mars is still retrograde in your own sign of Virgo so you are going to have to make some adjustments in the way you regard others. Your pattern of relating is undergoing some changes and now is the time. As a Virgo, you have a tendency to be opinionated, critical, and think you know best – which can alienate others. On the other hand, you can idolize the wrong people. Right now you are beginning to see that perhaps you did not have the wisdom or insight about people that you thought you had, and this is a painful lesson. It takes great self-honesty to see when our attitudes, habits and patterns are stale and need upgrading. Your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde on March 12 bringing you the perfect time to make these adjustments, and have the courage to look at yourself and your own shortcomings clearly.


With Saturn coming to the end of your Sign, you have been forced to learn about relationships and understand the value of compromise. This has not been a particularly comfortable time but it has been a good learning experience for you and if you look back two years ago, you will probably agree that you are in a better situation now than you were then with increased responsibility but with more personal power to handle it. However, at times you have felt that life is an endless struggle swimming upstream. Keep open to intuitive insights. This month Mars is retrograde and also Mercury from March 12. This is the ideal time to spend quiet time developing your Spiritual nature and intuitive insights. This will help you to find fresh solutions to any situation at work or in your life that has become stagnant.


As a Scorpio, you tend to be cautious but you also have a sense of daring that at times plunges you into potentially dangerous situations. The New Moon this month is urging you to take risks and be bold; to follow your heart. There is a time to be bold and a time to be cautious; now the planets are urging you to be courageous and if you are, you have a lot to gain. You are in an extremely creative phase. Perhaps you have wanted to begin a new creative endeavor or business but had some doubts as to whether it could work. It may not yet be the exact time to begin but it is definitely the time to create your vision. With your ruler, Mars retrograde until mid-April, you will find yourself revising your plans, and with Mercury retrograde from March 12, you will realize that this really is the thing to do.


You may feel as if you have hit rock bottom with a situation that threatens your sense of emotional or financial security. However, there is an important New Moon which does suggest there is still an opportunity to make things work and improve your overall security. The thing with opportunities is to be alert to them when they come, and grab them! As a Sagittarius, “faith” is your second nature. However, although it’s important to have faith, it’s also important to have your feet on the ground and don’t forget to employ your analytical mind when entering new ventures. Things are not always as marvelous as they first appear. You are undergoing a period of adjustment and change now with Mars retrograde, and Mercury going retrograde from March 12. Spend quiet time in reflection and prayer and attune to your intuition for guidance. Also, at this time, you can get help from your family who may give you good, sound advice and the type of support you need. Have faith that the security you have been seeking can now come your way, if you make some slight adjustments to your plans and priorities.


An important New Moon in your area of communications is bringing you clarity. However, you also have to put in the work by being prepared to let go of your preconceived ideas about people and plans. Now is the time to clear the decks and streamline your life. This is especially true until mid-April, and this feeling intensifies when Mercury goes retrograde on March 12. Get rid of things as well as attitudes and opinions that no longer serve you because these can distort your view of the world. Do spend time in reflection and meditation so that you can see things more clearly. Be courageous and be prepared to look at things – and especially yourself – honestly at this time rather than seeing what you’d like to see.


You may have been struggling recently with financial issues as well as issues of self-worth, which could have eroded your faith in yourself. However, with an important New Moon in your area of finances and resources, this is the beginning of a new cycle of growth for you financially. It is also a good time for you to upgrade your own talents and skills. You are in a learning period. Also, Mars is retrograde now and from March 12, Mercury will also be retrograde, offering an excellent time for you to reflect on projects, plans and issues in your life. There may be some things you find you need to change or adjust. Schedule downtime each day during this period so that you can make the most of this planetary phase of streamlining!


Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, recently entered your sign, and the New Moon also in your sign, marks the beginning of a personal renaissance for you. Keep your feet on the ground, and your aspirations high at this time because right now miracles are possible. Just be very clear about what you want to achieve because there is also the possibility of delusion. This is a particularly fruitful era for anything that is spiritual or non-tangible such as music and art. It is a time when more romance is coming into your life so be open and ready when it arrives. However, you are still at the beginning; with Mars currently retrograde in your opposite sign, and Mercury going retrograde on March 12, some of your dreams are going to be revised and changed.

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