Chicken with Tarragon-Caper Sauce on Mixed Greens by Aline Fourier

At the beginning of the New Year 2012, I would love to share a heart-warming story that was contributed to my cookbook, Everything I...

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Daube Provençal by Aline Fourier

Everything I Eat Nourishes Me, A Cookbook for Body & Soul ©2010 is dedicated to the creator and caretaker within us all. “…I...

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Smoked Mackerel Paté by Aline Fourier

When I began work on Everything I Eat Nourishes Me, A Cookbook for Body & Soul, ©2010 and the concept of “conscious eating,”...

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Grandma’s Challah by Aline Fourier

There is nothing like my grandmother’s challah bread: sweetness and the earth, love, honey and versatility. It can be made into the...

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Auntie Fluffie’s Cauliflower Pasta by Aline Fourier

From stories around recipes we love, we discover the positive affirmations associated with the foods in our lives. Positive...

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What Is Your Personal Food “Story”? by Aline Fourier

“Stories are life-giving. They lead us to the knowledge of our own truth.” Rachel Pollack, The Shining Tribe Stories are clues...

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