Dream Oracle May 2014 by Julie Loar

Personal Dream Dictionary Symbols are the stuff that dreams are made of, and a good symbol dictionary is an important tool for dream...

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Scorpio Goddess — The Spider by Julie Loar

Scorpio is a fixed water sign that represents the idea of dynamic power.  This potent energy of desire can be used in construction...

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Trust vs. Mistrust by Jesseca Camacho

“Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you.”  Dr. Benjamin Spock. “Trust yourself. Create the kind of self...

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Common Dream Themes by Julie Loar

What if you had your own personal guide standing ready to shed light on your path, bring messages of encouragement, show you how to...

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Sacred Anatomy of Ancient Egypt by Julie Loar

This is the first in a series of three or four installments as we work our way through the “chakras of the Nile.”   The...

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